The unique enduro bike

Here are the cornerstones that make the SCURRA 2 so unique!


The SCURRA 2 shows a fistful of innovative features which make it special unlike any other Enduro MTB on the market.

Trelever® 2.0 suspension

After the world premiere back in 2013 we´ve put a lot of effort into improvements on the system. So the Trelever® 2.0 comes with more stability and extremely precise cornering skills.

7" Fork travel

With full 7 inches of fork travel the SCURRA 2 offers a more than average front suspension with literally no breakaway torque and super sensitive response.

29" Front wheel

A 29er front wheel with 7" travel is since the introduction of the SCURRA in 2013 still outstanding.

Centered Twin-shox

By centering two rear-shocks in the middle of the frame we achieve a maximum in stability and shock absorption.

4-link chain stay

A state-of-the-art 4-link chain stay harmonizes in an optimal way with the Trelever® 2.0 front suspension.

XL rocker link

By discharging all shock forces over an extra large rocker-link to the centered rear shock, the structural load on the frame is dramatically reduced.

SCURRA 2 - 360°

Have a look at our new baby!

SCURRA 2 in action

Go ahead and take a look how SCURRA 2 does on the trail. See for yourself how effective the TRELEVER® 2.0 suspension works and get an impression of the precise maneuvrability of the SCURRA 2.

Hit the mountain!

Stay tuned and join us for a test-ride in the mountains. Drop us your e-mail address at the newsletter section and we´ll keep you updated about upcoming test-riding opportunities.


Don’t take our word. See what experts say about the SCURRA 2.

We were left positively baffled as to what was going on with this intriguing linkage-driven suspension bike, which has two shocks centred in the frame.

Scurra Hard Enduro to return with version 2.0 of their wild Trelever suspension!

The team worked hard for three years to improve this “unique” invention.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What makes the Scurra 2 unique?

Its innovative TRELEVER® front suspension system without telescopic fork! That allows full 7 inches of fork travel at a 29er wheel. You´ll feel an enhanced front wheel control thanks to the triple linked wheel carrier. The suspension provides extreme stability while being agile and direct. The SCURRA 2 was designed, engineered and is being fully manufactured in Europe.

What makes the TRELEVER® suspension better?

The TRELEVER® suspension guarantees thanks to its design a minimum response lag and virtually no initial breakaway torque. It ensures a low moment of inertia around the steering axle and provides maxiumum agility. TRELEVER® has a kinematically adjustable brake pitch reconciliation (anti-dive effect) which brings more control. A low unsuspended mass helps to keep the structural load of the frame on a low level.

Why not an ordinary telescopic fork?

Over the years telescopic fork-based suspension got stuck in its evolution. You see new colors, new diameters up-side down systems but no real step forward. So we took suspension to the next level and combined the state-of-the-art damper technology with our smart parallelogramme kinematics. By that we made a big leap in the evolution of bike suspension.

Is the SCURRA 2 heavier than other Enduro MTBs?

With regards to its potent suspension and the 7" fork travel, the SCURRA 2 comparedly is not heavier than other Enduro MTBs in this category.

Which colors will there be available?

We´re planning on a customizeable color plan so that every SCURRISTA will be able to set up its individual looking SCURRA 2.

What does SCURRA mean?

„SCURRA" means joker. Playful and serious at the same time scrutinizing mainstream at highest level. SCURRA challenges the state of the art rewriting the full suspension system for the MTB future. SCURRA provides serious suspension!

Are there different frame sizes available?

Yes. We´ll offer the framekit, which is made of high-rigidity aluminium alloy (EN AW-7020), in 3 different sizes: M, L and XL.

How long have you been developping the SCURRA?

We started back in 2009 with the first prototypes of a bike using the TRELEVER® system.

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the SCURRA 2.


Wheels & Tires



Suspension & Shocks



Bar & Stem

Seat post

VFG – Variable Frame Geometry

meet the team

We are a small European team of engineers, designers and bike enthusiasts from Vienna/Austria and we want you to get under serious suspension!

Martin Trebichavsky

Founder & CEO

Rouven Haas


Michael Wall


Roman Trebichavsky



Communication & Administration


Communication & Administration

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